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Nocatee Swim Lessons
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Welcome to Nocatee Swim Lessons!  I’m sure you have a few questions on how our lessons function, our goals, and the rules that accompany taking swim lessons here in Nocatee. Here is some important information to know about the programs here:

*Nocatee Swim Lessons are for Residents Only.  If a grandparent would like to register their grandchild for Nocatee Swim Lessons, we must see a copy of your grandparent card prior to registration.
Time/Dates/ Setting:  Lessons are 30 minutes long, and are held according to the schedule posted on our website.  Our Fall swim lessons are typically a very abbreviated schedule from our Summer Swim Lessons due to instructor availability. Each session includes 8, 30 minute lessons.  In the Fall, these session typically run two days a week for an entire month.  In the Summer, our lesson schedule is Tuesday-Friday for two weeks at a time.  Please check the dates for lessons prior to committing to a session. For your convenience, we offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes.   Lessons are non-refundable.

  • Pool Rules: Although a full set of pool rules are available at the entrance of each pool, there are some rules to be wary of specifically during lessons:
  1. Make sure you sign in at least 5 minutes to the beginning of your child’s lesson. We will have a staff member checking resident cards at the beginning of each session.  Please make sure to bring you and your child's resident card (if they are 4 and over) to every lesson. Failure to provide your resident card at the beginning of the session may result in you being turned away.
  2. Parent Involvement:  The only parents who are allowed to participate in lessons are in the Parent/Child classes.  We will allow parents to stay on the pool deck for the 1st and last classes of each session.  For safety reasons and for the integrity of the classes and the safety of each student, we request that parents leave the pool deck during scheduled lesson times.  We find that swimmers learn better when they don't have an audience.  

Please No Technology on the Pool Deck:  We recommend that you leave your technology in the car, or keep in tucked away during lessons.  We will give every parent an opportunity to take photographs of their children on the 1st and last classes of each session.  Due to the fact that every smart phone has a camera, we are asking that you follow this rule to protect our children and families.

  1. Cancelation/ Making up Lessons: Lessons will be cancelled and we will make every effort to schedule make-up classes if lightning comes within a 10 miles radius of the pools. If the lessons are canceled, you will be contacted within 15 minutes of your scheduled lesson, we will use our texting system, Remind to alert you of any changes. All make-up classes will be scheduled by your instructor and are based on pool availability.  Make up classes are not guaranteed.
  • Goals: Our goal is to help you and your child feel more comfortable in and around the water. We achieve this by employing different teaching techniques, depending on the age and ability of your child, while using familiar swimming equipment you might see at your pool at home.  All instructors are Red Cross Certified and have completed extensive training.

Private Lessons

These lessons offer one-on-one time in the water with an instructor that is assigned by the swim coordinator.  These lessons are ideal for those who are fearful of the water or want to improve stroke mechanics. These lessons are limited and are given on a first come, first served basis.