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Nocatee Swim Lessons
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Red Cross Learn to Swim Group Lesson Program

Parent & Child (ages 6 months-36 months)
This program helps promote water enrichment and aquatic readiness for children aged 6 to 36 months.  This class focuses on water acclimation for infants and young toddlers teaching entry and exit of water, floating, arm and leg movement as well as water safety. Swim diapers are required and a parent/guardian must be in the class with the child.

Toddler Learn to Swim (ages 2-3 years)
This program is specifically designed for 2-3 year olds and focuses on the same fundamental swimming skills as our Beginner Level 1.  These classes will focus on water acclimation,safety in and around the water, floating, kicking and blowing bubbles. This class requires a swim assessment for participation.

Level 1 & Level 2
This instructional program will develop fundamental beginner swimming skills and water safety. Both Level 1 and Level 2 focus on safe entry and exit of the water, beginner breathing and stroke techniques and beginner back and front float.  Level 1 swimmers are true beginner swimmers who cannot swim the length of the pool and have no stroke development.  Level 2 swimmers should be able to complete half a length of the pool with their front crawl stroke and must be comfortable floating on their back.

Advanced Beginner
Level 3 & Level 4

This instructional program will introduce water safety skills, fundamental aquatic skills and stroke development. Both Level 3 and Level 4 focus on building beginner skills taught in earlier Levels.  We will focus on breathing, stroke and kick techniques, as well as more refined back and front float.  We will also introduce rotary breathing techniques in Level 4 as well as higher level stroke technique.

Pre-Swim Team
Level 5 & Level 6

This instructional program will teach swimmers fundamental skills, stroke development and stroke improvement in preparation for swim team level competition. Both Level 5 and Level 6 build on Level 4 classes.  Focus remains on stroke technique and development as well as refinement of all four competitive swimming strokes, rotary breathing refinement and endurance building techniques. These classes are designed to prepare our swimmers for competitive swim teams. We will teach students about circle swimming and prepare them for lane swimming on a team.